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Travelling plastic waste

“Plastic waste and toxic chemicals found in remote parts of the Antarctic this year add to evidence that pollution is spreading to the ends of the Earth”said environmental group Greenpeace.

Funny and sad at the same time it may sound, but plastic waste has already more travelling experience than many of us. Travelled even to the Antarctic! Funnier it may sound, that seems like many people are trying to overcome the “travelling plastic” by going to more and more impressive beaches, hotels, getaway spots, etc… And some even getting sad of closed beaches due to a restoration of the destroyed ecosystem! What’s wrong with them? They should Google the images of “ocean plastic pollution”! Personally, I’m happy that beaches are being closed and sad for those who think differently. Also sad about the current situation in nature. Plastic waste should not be travelling like this anymore.

Beach coast polluted

And the funniest and saddest thing is that we are even breathing the plastic in. “Research shows that many of the microplastics in our bodies come from the air we breathe โ€“ not just from drinking bottled water or eating fish from polluted oceans,”states the World Economic Forum. If a body is not able to get rid of those tiny plastic parts, they enter the blood system. And in the end, it can cause serious diseases like cancer.

“Out of the plastics produced, only 9% is recycled; the remaining 91% enters the air, land and water as waste. Parts end up in our lungs.”World Economic Forum.

Every year plastic waste increases by 8 million tons. It’s roughly equal to a weight of an entire population of Spain and UK. If today’s plastic usage continues without any adequate management, it could rise to 60 tons per minute by 2050. I strongly hope this will not happen…

By reading all this kind of articles, seeing pictures, videos of polluted oceans, dead whales with full of plastic waste in their stomach, I get very angry and emotional. We need to start focusing on how to gain a mindset of reducing plastic usage in our daily lives. No exceptions to anyone. We can start with simple things like collecting garbage along our way, cut plastic usage, enrol into clean-up operations. It’s my duty and should be everyone’s duty to spread the message, to change the mindset towards the plastic usage as much as possible.

“Plastic pollution in the ocean was documented by researchers as far back as 1970. For everyone else, 2017 was probably the year when their eyes were seriously opened.”says Nina Jensen, the CEO of World Economic Forum.

And yes…I bought a plastic bottle of orange juice today. From the shop where you can squeeze out a juice for yourself. Now I’m looking at this bottle with kind of a pain in my heart. Thinking about washing it and coming back with the same one next time, when I want some juice. That’s how the change starts.

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