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Corfu in off-season: top places to visit

Considering going to one of the Greek islands? Corfu would be the right decision! This island is situated at the north-west from main Greece. We visited it during the off-season, actually, a very good time, because all nature is waking up, and not many tourists around. A stay for one week is perfectly enough to explore the whole island by car and to chill out on the beaches, try local food, feel the spirit of Greece.

Agios Spiridon beach

Rent a car? Of course!

I would suggest taking a car at least for 3 or better 4 days then you can relax and drive around the Corfu without any rush. Also having extra time to get lost, if your phone dies and you don’t have a map. That what happened to us on the first day, but it was just an additional adventure to the whole package. Don’t be scared of this kind of thing, keep positive and talk with locals. They will surely try to help you.

What to visit?

There are many different spots to visit in Corfu, from very nice beaches to high viewpoints. The roads here are good quality but sometimes demanding and usually narrow. But anything can be done for the nice views, right? If you are ready for some inspiration, check out the top spots where to go with a car, while visiting a beautiful Corfu.

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