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Bolzano – for wine and mountain lovers

After travelling the whole day from my hometown, I reached the city at night, by a bus. Actually a very magical time in this place. I was feeling that mountains are breathing somewhere really close to me, as I saw the tiny lights scattered in the upper places. I couldn’t see the whole picture of the mountains, but the feeling was very strong, that the view in the daylight is stunning. And I was absolutely right!

The gate to the Dolomites

Bolzano, also called Bozen, the capital of South Tyrol (Südtirol), Italy, is mostly surrounded by the Alps. The city is also known as the Gate to the Dolomites.  You can see the Rosengarten from the old town, the most famous mountain in the Dolomites. Also, you should definitely take one of the cable cars and have a day hiking trip to nearby mountains. Make sure you visit the most perfectly shaped Earth Pyramids in Europe. The views are breathtaking.

Earth Pyramids in Renon

What the good wine really is

While looking at the surroundings a little down, there are vineyards. Lots of vineyards. But not like the usual ones, they are built in a foots of the mountains, making like several floors of grapes growing in perfect lines. I have never seen views like that. Also, I have never tasted the wine like it’s here. If you liked the boring semi-sweet wine before, you will totally change your mind after tasting the good local dry wine. Don’t miss the chance of enrolling in tastings here. The good wine actually should be without any sugar at all!

Unique people

What is more special in Bolzano, that people here are bilingual – they can speak Italian and German as well. It’s a history behind this, reaching the times of WWI. But for now, it gives a uniqueness to this place. Most people look like from the north, bright hair, blue eyes, and have a very warm, friendly and welcoming temper to all around, like the ones from the south usually have.

Pure Refreshment

Having the tropical temperature in summer around 30 degrees of Celsius during a daytime, the perfect refreshment spot is the lakes of Montiggler nearby. Reaching them by car is the most convenient way, around half an hour trip to one side. The water is so pure you can see your toe fingers from a very deep. Also don’t get scared, if a fish tries to taste you. They only show that they like you!

Smaller lake of Montiggler

I was leaving Bolzano in the morning. I had the chance to see the road in a daylight. Changing pictures of vast vineyards, rocky mountains, long tunnels will stay in my mind forever.

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