About Me

More and more often I ask myself where than when. 

My name is Ugnė. Translated from Lithuanian language it means fire. Well, some time ago I was more ember… Stuck in the routine and boring job. But recently I’m feeling the air blown at me and I’m starting to grow, now I’m a bonfire.

That’s how I look like now, more or less.

Me in a nutshell (when not travelling)

Why in the Fields?

This is actually related to my surname. Translated into English it means near the field. But my wish is to be in them, so this name is kind of a dedication to it 🙂 Actually, translating my whole name to English, wouldn’t sound scary (Fire near the Fields), that’s why I use only one part, hehe.

You might ask where I’m from? Yeah, my home country place is not really well known for most people. But I can say I feel a little bit unique when I’m abroad.

That’s what I want – to be unique. To be a little different than the others. To be interesting. To be inspirational. I want to share experience and inspire people not only to travel but to follow their heart, their passions and live happily.

Are you passionate about your life?